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A good pair of shoes will treat you well for years and years so long as you return the favor.


From heel repairs and resoling to dyeing and stretching we've got the skills and tools to give your shoes the care that they need. Do your feet a favor and call today.

Shoe repair

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Leather work requires a whole set of unique skills and tools, and most repair shops just aren't equipped for it.


Have your leather items repaired by our experts. Have troublesome zippers replaced, rough patches mended, lacing redone, and much more.

Leather and bag repair

Leather repairs

Treat your feet with orthopedic inserts from D&D Shoe & Leather Repair. Reduce pain in your feet, legs and back.


If you are on your feet for extended periods of time then our inserts can prevent your arches from collapsing and help to protect your knees and other joints.

Orthopedic service

What can we do for you?

We are an authorized dealer of Vibram and Goodyear shoes as well as our boots and classic shoe styles.

Exceptional shoe and leather repair

Since 1982 Rhode Island has trusted David Antone and D&D Shoe & Leather Repair to keep their feet dry and their leather sharp.

Exceptional shoe and leather repair

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